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Fiona & Kenny

It was a love match

I contacted Kenny first as I noticed he had a PH postcode and I went to school in that area. Given he was the same age and PH postcode and 68% compatible - I asked 'Do I know you from school?' - but he was actually from Aberdeen.

As he was abroad in Turkey on a sailing course at the time we emailed virtually every day. His emails were interesting, chatty, funny....no repetitive stuff....and most importantly, he wrote in proper sentences (none of this text-speak lark!!).

After 6 weeks of emails he was heading home from Turkey - for the Rugby World Cup. So we arranged to meet up in my home city and the date involved lunch at my fave deli, a walk round the Botanic Gardens and then head to the pub for the Scotland - Portugal rugby game.

We chatted pretty much all day but although I didn't think 'YES!', I didn't think 'NO!' either. I thought I was probably nervous and he as well. By the time he went for his train (he'd already missed two!) I put the ball in his court by saying if he wanted to meet again then I would. So we kissed goodbye....

Then he emailed to say.....how about doing something the following week?

It involved another RWC match! I invited him onto the RWC Fantasy Rugby I was doing and this provided a useful basis for our early discussions - there have never been any 'awkward silences' with Kenny and since early October we have seen each other every weekend. We will be spending most of the Christmas break together. January sees us skiing and then I'm going to three of Scotland's 6 Nations Championship matches. We just seem so well suited together.

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