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Success stories

Joan & Stuart

Joan, 54, tells us how she got lucky after divorcing and finding Stuart after 18 years being single, while Stuart, 53, was also looking for a relationship after the breakdown of his 20+ year relationship.

Success story of Joan and Stuart

Joan joined PARSHIP in July 2008, and having been very selective with the various potential partners sent her way by the PARSHIP system she only contacted about 3 people and Stuart was one to reply.

She tells us how they met: “After the exchange of a few emails we arranged to meet up in early August, just for a drink.  This led to fortnightly meetings, first a meal, then a whole day together at Wimpole Hall, a National Trust site and followed a day at Woburn.  We were very slowly learning about each other from phone calls and the meetings and everything was ‘clicking’ very nicely. As we are both cautious animals, it took a while before Stuart was introduced to Joan’s friends – a few at a time.  By Christmas both of us were feeling very comfortable with our relationship which meant that Joan met virtually the whole population of Stuart’s village (only 55 houses in the village) at the Christmas Carol concert.  So, having met the village, that just left Stuart’s family to meet on Boxing Day. Christmas Day was interesting – we’d planned a nice quiet Christmas Day a deux only to find out the day before Christmas Eve that Stuart’s mum would be on her own due to illness of her sister which meant the Duck was carved 3 ways.  On Christmas Day, Stuart got struck down with tonsillitis which meant he crept off to bed at 5 p.m. leaving me to get acquainted with Stuart’s mum, Bess.  She’s a lovely lady so this worked out!

As our relationship had blossomed, we were meeting more frequently, but normally only at weekends due to work commitments and the fact that we lived an hour apart – travelling time.  Neither of us had commitments to children but we did have a cat each which meant we took it in turns at each other’s place.  Both of us take pleasure in cooking so we enjoy ourselves whether we are staying in or going out.  During our first year life just chugged along and we enjoyed knowing we had someone ‘special’ who was just there.  By February, we must have felt things were OK as we booked a holiday cottage for a fortnight in September.  As we got closer to September we did think that the holiday might be a challenge as this would be the longest time we had spent together, alone, since we’d met.  The holiday was lovely and it was this which led to the conversation in October when we decided that we wanted to live together.  It took a weekend to reach this conclusion, but many more weekends to begin to work out the detail – and we are still doing that. And no, we still haven’t had that romantic Christmas a deux yet, but last year we enjoyed cooking for all of Stuart’s family – his mum, 2 brothers, partners and children at Bess’s house and had a great time.

Now we are just waiting for the right person to come along to buy Stuart’s home so that we can set up in our new home together. You may be asking “When did love arrive on the scene?” I am not sure we can tell you exactly, it’s just something that has grown, along with lust, kindness and caring – along with lots of laughter and talking.  What we are sure about is that we make each other happy and we cannot figure out that our paths would ever have crossed if we hadn’t been able to meet through the internet with the help of PARSHIP”.

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

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The PARSHIP principle

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