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Single life

Single life

There are some 1.2 million single people in Ireland. Nearly 700,000 of them are looking for a serious relationship and around 450,000 are ready to go online dating – some looking for flirtation and fun and others, not least the men and women who join PARSHIP, for something more durable and deeper. While many single people enjoy their life as it is, they also look forward to establishing a fulfilling relationship with someone special. The articles in this section look at single life in Ireland today.

Does there have to be a sparkle on the first date?

The first date does not necessarily say anything about whether two people can fall in love or not.  more

The nervousness before a first date

Before the first date with a potential partner, many are a nervous wreck.  more

The fascination of authenticity

Authenticity is sexy and even more important when looking for a partner. But why does this happen and can it be “acquired”?  more

Who should get in touch after the first date?

If the date was a success, questions like these arise: What now? Who gets in touch first?  more

Cheerful on the first date

„Without music life would be a mistake” said Friedrich Nietzsche, and we would like to elaborate some more; without music a date cannot succeed. This is especially true for the preparation process before a date.  more

Chat-Up Lines

On the dating scene, chat-up lines have long been the staple ‘go-to’ for men and women alike looking to capture the attention of someone they like the look of. There are the good, the bad and the downright atrocious lines that we’ve all come across from time to time, but there’s no denying that chat-up lines do play their part in helping to bring the sexes together.  more

Dating opportunities in Ireland

We’re a special people in Ireland. Diverse, artistic, hard working and good at talking - or so the stories would have us believe. We have travelled the world, initially with many of our forefathers being forced to during the famine.  more

Loneliness causes more stress than credit card debt

In the survey of 500 people by PARSHIP.co.uk, half (51%) of Britain’s 13 million singles said that their main source of stress was loneliness and the prospect of never meeting someone to share their life with.  more

What do Christian singles look for in a date?

Seeking the ideal partner as a practising Christian can seem like there are just too many obstacles but that need not be the case. It’s probably easiest to break down what you’re looking for in a partner.  more

Is free online dating for you?

Free online dating is great for flirting and many younger friends use it for that, often with no intention of meeting the people. It can be fun or even lead to dating and who knows what after that?  more

Single life in Ireland

When PARSHIP’s made a major survey of Ireland’s singles, it became clear that there is an important role for online dating which opens the way to successful relationships. In the context of online dating as a whole, PARSHIP can be described as a relationship site rather than simply a dating site.

Many Irish singles would like to change their life by finding a partner: PARSHIP’s Singles Survey showed that they believe in long-term relationships and – in comparison to Western Europe as a whole – remain especially attached to the idea of marriage: it’s more than a matter of “I want to find a girlfriend” or “I want to find a boyfriend”.

Irish singles as a whole are a sociable group, who find humour appealing in a prospective partner. Single women quite often impose high standards on their choice of a man, while – like men around the rest of Europe – Irish males sometimes seem to be suffering a crisis of confidence when it comes to finding the woman of their life.

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The PARSHIP principle

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The PARSHIP principle

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