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Top Dates For Adventurous Singles!

There’s nothing wrong with a movie and dinner, but sometimes it might just feel a little too tame. So you think you’re ready for adventure?

Adventurous Singles What about camping?  –   © fotolia

There’s nothing wrong with a movie and dinner, but sometimes it might just feel a little too tame. Whether you’re wild in the bedroom, or into the pump of adrenalin when you’re out and about, you need to sound out your date to make sure they’re up for a crazy time too, and if they are… well let’s go! We’ll leave your bedroom adventures for you to conjure up but we’re happy to help with a few ideas for dates with a kick.

Take a sports lesson together – surfing perhaps, with beachside accommodation thrown in for good measure later. While we’re at the coast how about a climbing lesson too?

If you like getting wet but the sea is too far away then a white water rafting romance is sure to get you a good soaking and a few laughs too.

If you’re based on land but there’s a Go Ape nearby you’ll love it, particularly on a weekday, or out of the school holidays. You’ll have your very own high wire adventure to talk about for months.

Not high enough? How about a flying lesson each, but going up together? A helicopter will make the blood flow even faster, and no matter where you live you’ll be able to cover some stunning scenery in an hour’s flight.

On a calmer note – why not make the traditional dinner date just a bit more of an adventure? Have you ever sat and planned out a gourmet picnic? Ditch the fruit juice and throw in a bottle of fizz, or a flask of a premixed cocktail perhaps! Get the best foods you can afford from your local deli, or maybe ask them to prepare a picnic for you. Then drive out to the most romantic place you know. If your jalopy has seen better days you could hire something more in keeping with the adventure. Car hire is much cheaper these days than t used to be.

Or dine in the dark! Eating “Dans Le Noir” isn’t for everyone, but it certainly puts a different twist on eating out. There are a few restaurants that only offer this in the UK, and a few that do so as a special event.

Of course if at the sounding out stage you realise that your planned date has an altogether different agenda you might need to think through what you have in common and decide whether that’s enough for you both. What’s adventure to you might sound less appealing to them.

Whatever you decide to do dates are about having fun. Plan them well and relax into your special day.

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