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What makes the Irish dating scene unique?

It’s a long time now since matchmakers were a common feature in Ireland, with the custom dieing out back in the 1950’s in much of the country, holding on a little longer in the west. Nonetheless we retain some of our peculiarities from our European counterparts.

Holding hands 30% would like to marry their next partner  –   © fotolia

Online dating agency Parship’s most recent survey shows that many Irish women over 40 are interested in dating a younger man and the vast majority of us are up for the craic. No surprise you may say – but 80% of those surveyed said they’d find a lack of humour a turn off, that figure really stands out when we see that it’s higher than the number who’d find the other person being married an issue – that was only 72%.

30% of us said we were looking for a serious commitment leading to marriage from our next relationship - that’s the highest in Europe. Thankfully we’re also into being able to communicate well, with 93% saying that good communications are important.

Across Europe more women are happier remaining single than men, which could be an issue for the men as they admit to being more fussy than women.

Dating and our attitudes to dating are certainly changing - as we’ve moved away from matchmakers we are becoming ever more accepting of online dating agencies, in particular the better ones which offer extensive compatibility matching to help increase our chances of success.

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