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Single life

Is free online dating for you?

We are all less stunned by the brilliance of the internet than we may have been ten years ago. Even though we may be less surprised by what’s available, it’s amazing what we can get for free.

Woman with computer Is free online dating the right thing for you?  –   © fotolia

Free online dating is great for flirting and many younger friends use it for just that, often with no intention of meeting the people they are chatting with. Some free sites even offer some criteria based searching of their members but little more. It can be fun, it can even lead to dating and who knows what after that? We need to consider why such sites exist. Almost everyone who is prepared to invest their time and money in developing any web site is looking to make money, either in the short or longer term. For any site that doesn’t charge for membership to make money it has to either sell advertising or something else – like allowing other businesses to access its members details. You should understand what potential uses the information you key in could be used for before you start, especially when it comes to revealing any personal data such as your contact details.

Three – this is an extension of two. Just as you plan the meeting by knowing as much as you can about them, also plan what you might talk about. If the old boy is into classic cars then at least have an opinion on his model of Jaguar. And if mum loves her horse charity, or polo perhaps, then learn a little in advance. Oh, and be honest, admit you don’t know much about the subject because if you try to bluff you will be found out.

For people looking to take dating a little more seriously, ideally with a view to nurturing a lasting relationship the route to take is straightforward. Parship will help remove the pain of false starts and unsuitable matches through investing our time and expertise in selecting potential partners that have a scientific compatibility to you. This could mean meeting the partner of your dreams, and will almost certainly mean greater security and satisfaction.

There may be something for everyone in the world, but the old adage that we get what we pay for still applies. You may be conscious of price, but sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to get something that works well for you instead of having to make compromises.

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

PARSHIP helps you find someone who really is right for you - someone to build a future with. 

The PARSHIP principle

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