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Health Benefits of a Long Term Relationship!

Our health and well being are unlikely to be the first things that come to mind when we meet a new partner! Yet the benefits of a strong loving relationship are coming through in more and more modern research studies.

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Couples who work together at creating a lasting and loving bond are likely to live longer, and suffer less illness. Love is our most powerful emotion. It’s what makes us feel great and gives us the motivation to strive, or perhaps recover from difficult times. Watch someone who is truly and madly in love – the troubles of the world may still be relevant to them, yet weigh less heavily of their shoulders.

When we consider this it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a strong relationship helps us live longer, and the research is compelling too.

It’s difficult to put a figure on the exact benefits because the degree we consider ourselves to be in love is so subjective, but certainly figures in the region of living an extra five years have been suggested, and men benefit slightly more than women.

It makes sense too doesn’t it? Sharing goals, the feeling of security and respect we enjoy from a loving partner all serve to reduce stress and related illness such as diabetes, hyper tension and heart attacks.

So while health may not be front of mind when we meet our new partner, we should be prepared to nurture the relationship with love, mutual respect and support and reap additional life long benefits we never dreamed of!

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