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Looking for a partner

The route to finding a partner

In contrast to the dating sites which offer opportunities for people looking for fun, PARSHIP is a matchmaking service for people whose aim is serious relationship with a compatible and committed partner.

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While most dating sites offer match based on basic personal information and the search criteria you select, PARSHIP goes deeper, providing you with a list of people described on the service as recommended partners. This list is determined primarily by the results of the PARSHIP compatibility test, which is taken by every member.

The test is the fruit of scientific research: more than 30 years of work observing and examining relationships and the factors that make them successful. The test assesses what you want from a relationship and how you behave with a partner. This means that – while other dating services will give you pages and pages of fairly random profiles, probably with public photos and some introductory text – PARSHIP provides you with partner recommendations: each person on your list has a personality and relationship profile which is compatible with yours. Each of them really could be partner material for you. There is even a compatibility score for each of your matches to help you make your choices.

Secure and discreet

If you are looking for a partner, you don’t necessarily want the world to know about it, and you want to feel comfortable using the service, so discretion and security are very much part of PARSHIP. You can rest assured that each of your partner profiles will have been checked by a member of PARSHIP’s specially trained customer services team. You can also be safe in the knowledge that your photo on PARSHIP remains private until you choose to share it on a one-to-one basis with a recommended partner of your choice.

PARSHIP’s service is designed specifically to mediate and facilitate the process of identifying and contacting someone who has the potential to be your partner: it’s all about finding someone who’s really right for you.

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

PARSHIP helps you find someone who really is right for you - someone to build a future with. 

The PARSHIP principle

How it works

PARSHIP’s matching compares 30 essential personality characteristics and recommends potential partners who balance and complement you. 



The PARSHIP iPhone app and the mobile website allow you to connect with your highly compatible matches - even when you're on the go. 

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