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Could Irish men really be the best catch in Europe?

“Call me old-fashioned …” IRISH MEN ARE THE MOST TRADITIONAL IN EUROPE, Commitment, marriage and a sense of humour – top Irish men’s love expectations

Irish men

When things get serious in love, Irish men are twice more likely to think about uttering the words “Will you marry me” than their European cousins, according to a new international report out today. This is part and parcel of their comparatively traditional attitude to relationships: they want commitment and marriage over lust and passion; they value intelligence over looks, and they really know how to show a girl a good time, spending 106 Euros a time entertaining their love interest.

In a new report, the European Singles Survey, commissioned by PARSHIP.ie, part of Europe’s largest premium online matchmaking service, six out of ten (57%) of Ireland’s single men hoped that their next relationship would result in some form of commitment. However, unlike their counterparts in mainland Europe, one third of Irish men (30%) are looking for marriage from their next relationship, with just 26% preferring cohabitation and 19% a casual fling. By contrast, only 16% of European single men (24% of British men) preferred the idea of marriage, with 37% opting for less formal long-term commitment.

The type of relationship European singles favour

Bianca Mercer, Country Manager UK & Ireland commented:
“Unlike male singles in other European countries, Irish men still value the tradition of marriage over simple cohabitation. But this doesn’t stem from traditional religious beliefs: only 7% of the men polled said their future partner should be of the same religion.

“It’s been proven that men who are in a long-term committed relationship are generally happier and healthier than single men, they live longer and experience less stress, proving that commitment and marriage is much better for your health than casual lust and passion.”

Topping Irish men’s requirements of their next partner were humor and laughter, honesty, openness, fidelity, equality and intelligence, with 70% of Irish men saying these were important attributes, and although 66% of men said sex appeal was important, only 40% lent importance to looks. However, when it came down to what they don’t want, seven out of ten Irish men said no sense of humour or loose morals was a complete turn-off, and six out of ten said they wouldn’t date a woman who was dominating, ruthlessness, tight-fisted, a know-it-all, or who had bad breath. Just over half (55%) said dating a married woman was out of the question. Only three out ten were turned off by a few extra pounds.

However, when they do meet someone they like, Irish men now how to entertain a women. They spend an average of 106 Euro a time on wining and dining their love interest, double the European average and in stark comparison to the meager 60 Euro splashed out by British men.

Fact file: the Irish single male

  • Overall, single Irish men have experienced 3.38 serious relationships, and dated 5 different women over the last 12 months, resulting in 2 casual relationships
  • Half of Irish men haven’t had a serious relationship in more than three years but 60% think they’ll meet someone special over the next two years
  • The preferred venue for pulling for 54% of Irish men is the pub, although 57% intend to go online to find love in the next 12 months
  • The majority of single men – six out of ten – are happy and content being single.
  • One third of men believe that, in an ideal world, one parent should stay at home to raise the family.
  • Paris Hilton is the celebrity they would least want to date.

Percentage of singles believing one partner should stay home to raise the children

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About the 2010 Singles Survey
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