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Avril's dating advice

Springtime • Clear Out to Make you Look Irresistible!

Are you fed up being single? Do want to rejoin the dating game? Do think a makeover could restore your dating charms? Avril Mulcahy, dating expert, is here to share some wisdom on how to Spring into action and make you irresistible.

Springtime • Clear Out to Make you Look Irresistible!

1. Closet CLEAR OUT.

Most of us tend to wear only about 20% of what’s in our wardrobe, which means there is an awful lot of un-useful clobber to sift through each time we want to dress to impress. The most common are:

  • They don’t fit because you are fatter/ thinner
  • They remind you of an ex lover
  • They were given to you by relatives/exes and you feel guilty about getting rid of them.
  • They just don’t suit you.
  • They were so expensive you just have to keep them.

Step 1: Empty the entire wardrobe onto the floor and start trying on each item of clothing.

Step 2: Divide and rule – Rule to keep an item: Ask yourself do I still like it? Do I feel good/sexy in it in? Does it fit? Does it go with other things? You have worn it at least once in the last year?

You are aiming to create three new piles

  • Clothes to keep
  • Clothes that are maybes
  • Clothes to sell/ give away/ or give to charity shops.

You must be tough on your wardrobe and think of this experience as a positive experience releasing all the excess junk in your life!

2. Deal with your BAD BITS!!

Everyone has insecurities about his or her body, but perspective is key. Is there something about your body or look that is getting you down?

The thing is by focusing on your bad bits and then by dealing with the things that hold you back, you will be ready to take on any dating challenge. You may or may not find the following exercise difficult, but I want you to stand in front of a full-length mirror and complete the following sentence (please fill in the blank).

If I were able to change. .......................................about myself I would feel better about myself.

Now, I want to ask you a question, why be a victim and feel bad about something that you can easily change? If you don’t feel good about your love handles, then do something about them. Get to the gym and work on the problem area. Do you hate your current hairstyle? Then book yourself a hair appointment. If you’re clothes look shabby and don’t make you feel the sexy person that you are; then do something about it. You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel sexy. And let’s be honest here: is it really worth putting important desires on hold, such as finding a partner, until you are fatter, thinner, have had your breasts done, or can afford hair extensions?

Learn the tricks

In the meantime, there are certain fashion tips and tricks that deceive the eye when it comes to disguising the most common body problems. Start reading the glossy magazines to identify the best look for your body type. Here are a few:

  • If you think you’re too tall: Wear low kitten heels rather than flat shoes. Wear low-waisted bootcut or straight leg trousers.
  • If you think your breast are too small: Wear an unusual necklace that draws attention to your chest area as a whole and not just your chest area. Go for paler colours than your bottom half. Buy well-designed cleavage enhancing bras (there are loads).
  • If you think your breasts are too big: Wear subtle V-neck tops that hint at your cleavage. Wear dark colours on the upper half. Wear a bra that fits.
  • If you think your hips are too big: Wear bootleg or flare cut trousers and dress them up with heels. Knee length jackets with structured shoulders will balance out

 Avril Mulcahy, Dating Expert www.singlelista.ie

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