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Do you Crave More Than A Friend?

Are you looking for more than another friend this summer? Are you looking for someone to get close to that is more than just plain friendship?

Do you Crave More Than an Another Friend?

Are you looking for more than another friendship this summer? Are you looking for someone to get close to that is more than just plain friendship? Are you looking for a lover that you truly have a great connection with and who is honestly looking for a relationship? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you need to decide right here, if you are deploying another friend strategy or a dating strategy because they are completely two different things.

Mary, 44yrs is one of my clients at the moment. Single for most of her life, Mary has a jam-packed work and social schedule. She is a Director of HR in a well known Irish organization, Captain of her local Ladies Golf Club, Vice Captain of her Ladies Tennis Club and an avid member of the ladies who lunch club. Mary came to me a month ago and couldn’t see where she was going wrong. Yes, she is very social and getting herself out there but she wasn’t meeting anyone of the opposite sex and didn’t really have the time to increase her social activities. However, Mary admitted that even though she had a jam-packed calendar, she was actually really lonely and all she really wanted was someone to settle down with and truly connect.

You see the thing is, Mary is doing everything right to meet people and get involved in her local community. However, if Mary keeps doing the above, yes, she’ll get better at golf but her chances of meeting new eligible bachelors at the local ladies golf club are few and far between. Mary has been executing the friends plan exceptionally well but now she needs to deploy are more focused dating plan to attract a likeminded partner for a compatible long lasting relationship.

Mary needs to start thinking about where would her perfect partner hang out and apply her time there accordingly. If Mary is truly serious about finding a partner, she will have to recalculate her time to reflect more of her dating plan and not a friend’s plan.

There are numerous dating websites out there: anotherfriend.com; maybefriends.com, match.com, olderdating.com and of course Parship.ie. Some sites are more friendship focused; some are more short term focused; and others like Parship.ie are for people are truly looking for a long-term relationship with someone they have a great connection with.

All of these sites offer something a little bit different so it is up to you to know if you have a dating plan or another friend plan.

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