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A real relationship

Why compatibility is essential to a long term relationship

When we’re young and dating for the first time the relationship is often based on passion and maybe not much else. Whether that becomes physical or not probably depends a lot on our upbringing and ideals. Sadly when the passion fades often the relationship does too.

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Although dating is hugely exciting and invigorates the most tired soul, unfortunately breaking up is always painful and leaves many of us uncertain whether we even want to risk exposing our emotions again. Strong long term successful relationships have a lot in common. They need to be worked at to survive through the blind excitement of meeting and those giddy first few months.

Working at it is the responsibility of both parties – but it should be fun rather than an effort. But even that might not be enough – we have to be compatible to enjoy each others’ company for the long term.

Compatibility isn’t necessarily about liking the same things – indeed it’s interesting to explore the different sides of each others’ characters and learning or doing new things. Compatibility is more about what it takes to make a great team – complementing each other rather than being the same as each other.

One of you might be great at choosing colour, and the other at the practical side of actually applying that colour, be it painting, or papering, together you make a team. In business success is often a combination of someone with an excellent idea, someone who can sell and someone who is good with the administration and figures – that’s a team. Our best relationships are like that too.

At Parship each of our several million members complete a long and detailed compatibility questionnaire. The questionnaire has been designed with over 30 years of scientific research into what makes strong lasting relationships and ensures that you already have a great match with every potential introduction we send you. We take relationships seriously and deliver the best for our members, based on that vital ingredient of compatibility.

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

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The PARSHIP principle

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