Cookies & Tracking Policy when using Parship

Version: 31 January 2022

Cookies & Tracking

Cookies and/or other tracking technologies may be stored on your device during or after your visit to the Parship website.

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your device when you access a website and is stored in your browser. If you access the same webpage again later, your browser will check its cookies and will recognize you as a returning user.

Third party technologies such as scripts, pixels and tags may also store cookies on your device.

Some cookies are automatically erased after the end of the browser session ( “session cookies”), whereas other cookies are stored for a predetermined amount of time or permanently in your browser, and then erase themselves automatically ( “temporary” or “permanent” cookies).

In addition to the processing of personal data described in our Privacy Policy, your data may be processed in connection with cookies as follows.

In principle, no data that identifies you as an individual (e.g. name, e-mail addresses or IP addresses) is stored in cookies. Instead, cookies typically contain a code (identifier) and information on the duration of data storage and, if necessary, certain technical features (e.g. security functions).

What cookies does Parship use in general?

Parship classifies cookies and other tracking technologies (hereinafter also jointly referred to as “Cookies”) into different categories depending on their function and purpose.

“Essential” cookies

Certain cookies are essential for us to the Parship platform, as they ensure the safe and proper functioning of our Service.

This category of cookies includes e.g.:

  • Cookies that identify or authenticate our users, and cookies needed for a secure authentication process,
  • Cookies that ensure the security of Parship’s information system,
  • Cookies that control abuse,
  • Cookies that temporarily store certain user entries,
  • Cookies that store certain user preferences.

These cookies enable you to navigate safely on our website and use the functions as desired. Without these cookies, Parship cannot provide its essential services. We only use these cookies when you visit our website. These cookies are also used to retrieve the optimised website display when you access our website with a mobile device, so that your mobile data volume is not unnecessarily consumed.

The legal basis is the legitimate interest of Parship and its members that the Parship Service is safe, easy to use and constantly being improved.

A consent is not required to use "essential" cookies. They cannot be deactivated.

You will find an overview and more detailed information about the "essential" cookies we use here.

“Marketing” Cookies

Cookies that are used for advertising purposes (“marketing” cookies) enable the creation of profiles on user behaviour (e.g., which banner ads you have clicked on, which subpages you have visited, which search queries you have made) in order to display advertisements or offers tailored to user interests ("interest-based advertising") and analyse the effectiveness of advertisements.

We have decided not to use any “marketing” cookies on our website.

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