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Specific issues

Specific issues

People who join PARSHIP are single and genuine. PARSHIP is the relationship site they have chosen as they look to find love … As a professional dating service, PARSHIP attracts professional people who expect more of life and a relationship. PARSHIP’s members range wide in their ages and their backgrounds. Marriage is the aim for some of them, while the priority for others is simply a fulfilling relationship … In this section, PARSHIP’s advisers cover a variety of issues faced by single men and women in their quest to find someone really right for them.

10 most romantic place in Ireland

If you’re looking for a local romantic getaway and live in Ireland then you’re already doing well. The Emerald Isle just happens to be one of the most understatedly romantic places on earth. It offers plenty of opportunities for secluded romance and magical, mystical scenery, so there’s no need to go any further for a special weekend away. It was actually pretty tough to choose only 10 places for this list!  more

Can distance and children be a problem in a new relationship?

I've been on Parship for a week or so and am chatting to a couple of nice ladies. I was wondering a couple of things. Firstly there is one lady who lives in Oxford, with me in Bath this seems like a long distance. Would you say it's worth pursuing?  more

Dating advice fresh from the puritan 50s

Why you’re not married…yet seems to be yet another one of those books for single women, blaming them for not having a relationship, putting marriage above everything else and painting them as flawed creatures if they’re still single.  more

Our list of dating fails

The Internet is full of examples of dating fails, submitted by men and women who’ve found the behaviour of their date peculiar or worse. But, what can we learn from such lists of dating fails?  more

Have twice the fun on a double date!

Double dating can be a great idea as you’ve then got four potential conversations, four ideas of where to go, four different drinks or dinners to choose.  more

Just can't get over my ex, but want to move on...

I met someone in my early 20s, just after I left university. He was my first serious boyfriend and I felt could talk to him about anything and we did lots of things together and I thought we had a good relationship. We lived together for a few years and then he wanted to break up, saying he didn't think it was working out.  more

Platonic relationships

More about platonic relationships with the opposite sex | Are friendship with members of the opposite sex good or bad for you? Well, as usual, it depends on who you ask.  more

My friends and relatives disapprove of my dating

Paula Hall is PARSHIP's dating expert. Today, she offers advice to a widower trying to move on from the death of his wife. What happens if your friends and relatives disapprove of your dating?  more

The Difference Between Free and Paid For Dating Sites

Whether you choose to work with a free site, or one that charges a subscription will largely depend on what you are looking for.  more

Top 10 Romantic Getaways in the UK

Romantic weekends away are among the finest things in this world, but you don’t need to suffer through airport queues or 5:00AM flights to do something special with your special someone. There are plenty of incredibly romantic beauty spots dotted throughout the UK, so why not make the most of them? Here are our top favourite romantic getaways in Britain:  more

Specific issues

The issues faced by single people as they look for love are diverse and often fascinating.

The questions for men are often different from the questions for women, especially when it comes to ‘traditional’ norms of behaviour as two people get to know each other. A divorced person with children will have different concerns from someone who is in search of their first serious relationship ... But fundamentally, they are all looking for happiness with someone who is genuinely compatible with them.

Do you have marriage in mind, or is it just that, for the moment, you want to find a girlfriend or find a boyfriend? … Do you have children? Do they live with you or your ex-partner - or are they now grown up and making their own lives? Could a long-distance relationship be viable for your? Or do you need to have someone just moments away to feel secure and happy? Do you want to continue to live in your own home, or would you be prepared to move somewhere new to be with a new partner?

Religious practices can also have a bearing on a budding relationship. Registration for PARSHIP does not involve stating your religious beliefs, but, as a serious relationship site, it is often the choice of single people who like the idea of Christian dating. Overall, PARSHIP appeals to anyone who wants to maintain high standards in their search for love.

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

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The PARSHIP principle

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