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Online dating profiles

Online dating profiles

On PARSHIP, you have an online dating profile that works differently from profiles on ordinary dating sites. Above all, the results of your PARSHIP test indicate your level of compatibility with every one of your recommended partners. You will also notice immediately that your profile photo is not visible unless you choose to ‘release’ it on a one-to-one basis to someone of your choice. With the ‘About me’ page on your profile, you have the opportunity to supply further insights into the real you. Complete the page, and you stand to increase your chances of receiving approaches from other members. For tips on making the most of your online dating profile, read more in this section.

The right time to tell your name

Online dating with Parship is a serious and anonymous approach to find a long-term relationship with sophisticated singles. But, when is the right time to tell your real name? Should you reveal your real name straight away and in an email?  more

Five tips on how to write a great profile

Your 'About me' page on your PARSHIP profile is very important. How can you make sure it creates a favourable impression? Writing a good dating profile is often the first step towards a successful relationship, but writing it can often seem daunting. Paula Hall gives her top tips.  more

When cultural diffences come into play

20 dates on and I still can't get to date two - is it because I'm American?  more

How can you tell if someone is interested in you?

Our advice would be to get in touch, see how it goes and if everything seems ok, suggest another date.  more

Attraction & Internet dating

How do you write a good profile to attract the right type of person?  more

How to find love with online dating:

When we lead such busy lives as are typical today the traditional process of finding someone we like, starting dating and hopefully forming a lasting relationship is so hard as to be unrealistic for many professionals.  more

Judging people

I'm not attracted to their photo, but loved their emails - am I judging people too quickly? What pictures can tell...  more

Dating profiles and beautiful pictures

Most people have an overpowering sense that they know straight away when they meet someone but in reality all they judge in those first minutes is how confident someone is and how good they are at presenting themselves and neither of these traits are that important for a relationship in real life.  more

Serious Relation or Friendship

Men just want to be my friend, not my boyfriend. What should I do?  more

Dating Profile Ideas

Your dating profile is a vital piece of information about you and it’s worth spending some time considering what you want to say to portray yourself in a good light.  more

Online dating profiles

Your online dating profile can set you on the path to a fulfilling relationship, so you should put some thought - and feeling - into what you tell other members about yourself. PARSHIP provides ‘About me’ questions and prompts to make it easier for you. Be confident, be positive - and be yourself, remembering that you’ve joined PARSHIP to find a real relationship for the real you. And, if you want to update your ‘About me’ page, you can do so whenever you want.

The ‘About me’ page provides a complement to your PARSHIP test results and to the compatibility score that applies to you and each of the recommended partners on your list. When you look at a profile, it is ‘About me’ that gives you a clearer picture of a potential partner’s appeal for you. If, however, they have not completed the ‘About me’ section, don’t just move onto the next profile. If a profile has piqued your interest in any way, take the initiative and send them a contact request, maybe with a question or two. If, on the other hand, they have completed their ‘About me’ page, make reference to it in your contact request. The online dating profile on PARSHIP tells you quite a lot about someone, but it is still very much the first stage: only by actively communicating with each other can you take things further.

A photo on your online dating profile is certainly an advantage too, especially as PARSHIP always puts your privacy first: your photo remains private at all times. It is your choice whether you ‘release’ it on a one-to-one basis to another member. It is important to choose a photo that shows you as you are, but also shows you at your best – and a smile always makes a positive difference. If you don’t feel confident about choosing a photo, why not ask a friend or family member for their thoughts on which shot really does you justice?

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The PARSHIP principle

The PARSHIP principle

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The PARSHIP principle

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