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Online dating profiles

Judging people

I'm not attracted to their photo, but loved their emails - am I judging people too quickly?

Judging people

Dear Nafsika,

I've been in contact with another member for around 3 weeks now and exchanged around 20 emails. Recently we decided to release our photos to each other. Although things have been going quite well in the emails i don't think there is going to be any physical attraction there.

Do you think it is best to be honest about this as I don't want to destroy somebody's confidence. It would seem a bit abrupt after sharing so much contact.

Many Thanks



Dear Gavin,

It's definitely better to be honest and say that you do not think the physical attraction is there, rather than suddenly stop emailing altogether. However I would also warn against being certain that there would be no attraction on the basis of one photo - a lot of people don't put up very good photos of themselves. Many members are too shy to ask others to help them take photos for an online dating site and they are not able to take a very good picture by themselves. So they put up whatever picture they can find and sometimes the result is not terribly flattering.

Best Wishes, Nafsika

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