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From a date to a relationship

Top dates your new girlfriend will love

Dates are about having fun, finding out about each other, doing something new, and in Ireland more than almost anywhere else – laughter is key to success.

Top dates your new girlfriend will love

A man who thinks ahead, plans great dates and has a laugh as well is half way to ensuring his next date already. Use what you know about your new girlfriend to arrange events that she’ll love – unfortunately that might not include going to see your team on Saturday afternoon, but eventually she might even come around to that if you play your cards right.


If you’re going to do something outdoors that’s great, it gives you more to talk about, but just be confident that she’s up for it and will have appropriate clothing. Add to the event by preparing lunch – a picnic and a good bottle of wine should go down well. In winter including a pub on your route for lunch is probably a better idea.

The park, but with extra fizz:

Another summer idea – reduce the physical element and just take a bottle of bubbly to the park, make it even better with strawberries and cream. Don’t forget the blanket to sit on.

Moving together:

Somehow girls seem to like dancing more than the men. Bearing that in mind, providing you’re open to the idea then an evening of salsa or tango – even if it’s beginners’ classes, could set the pulses racing and it gets you physical too.

See the animals:

Another good day out that gives you loads to laugh and talk about is a trip to the safari park or zoo, depending which you have nearby.

Go to the city:

But don’t just turn up – plan your day, your transport, perhaps a show, dinner, and that all important transport home. Give her some idea what you have in mind so that she wears the right sort of shoes, aching feet will spoil her mood. If you really want to create an impression how about flying to a city for the day – London, Edinburgh, Paris even if you can afford it.

Eat something new:

Use your friends and the internet to find new restaurants and give one a try. Hey – go one further and book yourselves on a cooking course so you cook and eat something new.


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