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From a date to a relationship

Keeping the spark alive

It’s a sad fact that many of us spend so much time looking for love, but then don’t do enough to keep it exciting. At Parship we understand this all too well. As modern professionals we often work long hours, travel all over the place, and by the end of the week it can feel like you need to sleep until Monday just to recharge your batteries.

Keeping the spark alive

Keeping the spark alive in your relationship takes work – but it’s not hard work as the results should be fun for you both. Here are some of our favourite activities to keep the flame burning brightly:


Just because you’ve been together a couple of years doesn’t mean you can’t still date each other! Ask your other half out – and make it count. Get showered and scented, wear something you feel good in, it’ll soon rub off on your partner and you’ll remember why dating was such fun in the first place.

Think of new places to go, do different stuff. Different restaurants, a different sort of film, those little changes are important.

Have a date at home and cook up something special – and if cooking scares you too much, buy something exciting from the supermarket.


No matter how awful your dancing is moving together is a lovely way to stimulate all sorts of reactions!

Little gestures:

remember when you used to see something in a shop and you couldn’t wait to buy it for your partner? Why did you stop? It doesn’t have to be often, but just create exciting moments of surprise through little caring gestures. Even just doing a job around the home that is accepted as your partner’s makes a difference.

When was the last time you bought flowers? Go on, they’re lovely for both of you.


Don’t forget to touch each other, hold hands, hug, and do it often!

Stay in touch:

Contact each other through the day - it’s easy with a friendly email, or just a text – and don’t forget to phone each other too.

Walk places:

Often we’re in such a rush that we jump into the car or a taxi when we could easily walk. Walking down the street holding hands is so much more intimate, and we often start talking then too. If the talk can lead to laughter that’s so much better still as laughter is a wonderful love drug.


And if there’s nothing obvious to celebrate then invent something! Go out, or stay in, but just make it special – and remember to dress up. Putting our best clothes on makes the event feel special straight away. And what better way to celebrate than….

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The PARSHIP principle

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