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Drogheda is a friendly Irish town with a rich heritage, vibrant nightlife, sophisticated shopping and stunning scenery. There is a wealth of historic buildings in this the oldest and most historical town in Ireland and the remains of the town walls and gates can still be seen today. Ecclesiastical landmarks include the magnificent St. Peter's Church and St. Mary's Church.

Explore the history of the area and enjoy the spectacular views from the Millmount Tower and award-winning Museum. There are also some great shopping centres for retail therapy. The surrounding countryside and coastline provide a peaceful contrast to the historic heritage.

Drogheda has miles of glorious beaches for walks and water sports. After dark, singles can enjoy the vast array of friendly Irish pubs, lively bars and clubs and charming restaurants.

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occupational therapy, 29


occupational therapy, Drogheda, 29

Description: cheerful, attractive, warm-hearted, natural, empathetic

Hobbies: Cinema, Films/Videos, Music

driving instructor, 31


driving instructor, Drogheda, 31

Description: fond of children, humorous, natural, educated, home-loving

Hobbies: Cinema, Films/Videos, Music, Carpentry/DIY, Cooking

Marketing, 24


Marketing, Drogheda, 24

Description: attractive, warm-hearted, home-loving, career-driven, optimistic

Hobbies: Dance, Dance, Cinema, Art, Music, Cooking

Accountancy, 26


Accountancy, Drogheda, 26

Description: cheerful, strong in character, independent, nature-loving, career-driven

Hobbies: Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Films/Videos, Literature, Music

forklift driver, 29


forklift driver, Drogheda, 29

Description: natural, home-loving, morally aware, accommodating, calm

Hobbies: Sport, Cinema, Films/Videos, Art

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