When a friendship becomes love

Paul knows Sara for a long time. They have been in the same class in school, they share a circle of friends and meet quite often with some other friends to cook together or go to the cinema. There has never been more than friendship between Paul and Sara. But one day everything seems to be different – at least for Paul. When he meets Sara he starts to blush. In his dreams, he kisses her softly and touches her hair. What happened to the friendship of Paul and Sara? And how Paul will be able to handle the new situation?

How to behave when you fall in love with a friend

Sometimes in life you realize that your best friend is the person you are longing for as your future partner. You feel that your relationship needs to graduate from friendship into love. The rationality balances the pros and cons of such a move, but your heart does not listen. It is hard to make the step to open your heart to your friend and talk about your feelings. There is at risk a good friendship! But one day you will realize: You have to talk to the one you fell in love with. If you don’t, the friendship will not be the same as well because you will have to pretend that everything is normal all the time.

Friendship may be a good base for love

Do not hesitate too long to have a private talk with your friend. You need to make him or her realize that you really want to have the individual for a romantic relationship and not just as a good friend. After this coming out your friend might need some time to think about and to clear his or her own feelings. Do not browbeat him, be patient. And do not be afraid - there has been a happy end between two people who started as friends and became partners after a while quite often. A reliable friendship, for example found at, might be the best base for a permanent relationship.

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